Random Upcoming PC Games To Wait For

These are the games you can look forward to (at least until they get delayed) in 2014. Go ahead, have fun!

5. Civilization: Beyond Earth

Most people are familiar with the turn based strategy game called Civilization. In this version of the famous series, the developers are planning to present the game in a completely new form, this time setting the game time period in the 2265.

The game allow a multiplayer mode for upto 8 players.

4.  Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time

The long awaited sequel to the hit game from Popcap, it finally coming to the PC. PvZ 2: Its About Time (yeah it is), is expected to be released later this year. The game starts off with Crazy Dave using a time machine to re eat a Taco. Along with this, The Evil doctor has returned to create an alternate timeline.

3. Prison Architect 

Prison Architect is a game where you try to establish a prison, from Scratch. You'll need to place the walls and design the cells. Along with placing cameras and guards to keep everything in check. I've played the Alpha version and I was definitely impressed. If you'd like a casual strategy game, then this is obviously worth a try. The game is expected to be released in November.

2. Far Cry 4

This Upcoming game is from a renowned series started by Crytek, with Ubisoft being the developer. The game runs on the Dunia Engine, which is based on the CryEngine. It should have more detail in its world than FC3. Which paired up with an interesting story and gameplay, would make this the best Far Cray yet.

1.  Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment

Unlike any other previous Sherlock Holmes game, is this one you'll not be just a spectator, you'll actually be solving the cases. The game features 8 cases, including murder and thefts. Each of these will take you to your limits of deduction.

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