Get Ready To Wet Your Pants - Horror Games To Look Out For!

Its been a great year so far, and with the alpha for Forest out, its scarring the crap out of everyone that plays the cursed game. So we decided to compose a list of the best horror game to keep an eye out for (or keep away from)!

4. Asylum

This is a game about an... well... an Asylum. The game is not your usual first person forest horror with a flashlight, instead its more like a point and click adventure, through the dark corridors of the Asylum.

3. The Forest

The Forest is set in a deserted island, you crash there from your plane, and must survive. Wheres the horror in that? Well,  the island is occupied by these natives, the cannibals. They are the horror aspect of the game. It wouldn't seem like it, but when you're in a dark cave looking for resources, suddenly a bunch of tribesmen start chasing you after a jump scare? That is horrific. The alpha is out now!

2. Dying Light

This next gen masterpiece promises so much horror and excitement, that you'll be jumping on your seat. Its set during a Zombie Apocalypse, you must survive the face eaters. The game features a complete day light cycle, which allows you to collect supplies. It will be releasing on the PS4 Xbox ONE and the PC.

1. The Evil Within

The Evil Within is one of those rare but wanted third person Horror games, something like Resident Evil. The game intends to redefine the horror genre, you'll need to use your environment and hide instead of shooting your way through the masses.

Well we hope you enjoyed our small list, be sure to share it and like us on Facebook. Tell us what you think about it!


  1. Done all steps by : Sidharth Pandithar.

  2. Thanks for suggesting such awesome games ! ^_^
    Great giveaway too ;)


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